About Family Psychological Services of Palm Harbor

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Our Story

Family Psychological Services has been serving the community for close to 25 years. Dr. Eric Rosen, originally from Buffalo NY, moved to Florida to begin practicing as a licensed psychologist. Noting a need for a more caring and holistic approach to mental health care, he started this psychology practice. Since its beginnings, it has helped tens of thousands of people find understanding, growth, and healing. More recently, Dr. Rosen's son and daughter-in-law have joined the team, truly making this a "family" practice. Since then, we have continued to add on additional empathetic and knowledgeable clinicians prepared to help you with your therapeutic journey.

Our Philosophy

In our current day and age, we are all flooded with a multitude of obstacles and struggles, from within and without. While these issues can and do bring us down at times, they also offer can incredible opportunities for us to grow, if we are brave enough to try. An opportunity to be something more, to ourselves and others. By constructively confronting the things that cause us and our loved ones dysfunction, and learning to make positive changes in our approaches to such issues, we are able to transcend what formerly appeared too big to handle. In effect, we are able to transcend our former selves, by exhibiting strength, compassion, and understanding. 

The saying "Rome wasn't built in a day" holds true for many things, our personal journeys included. The issues we face are daunting alone, and are unlikely to be fixed instantaneously, as nice as that would be. That is where we come in! Let us help you on your journey, wherever it may lead. Together, over time with patience and perseverance, we will help you to make the changes necessary to leading a more fulfilling, balanced, and healthy life, both physically and mentally.